Leadership Summit Empowers Girls in Tanzania

Emiko Perea
January 8, 2018

“I strongly believe that peace begins in the home, and due to the fact that all of you are tomorrow’s mothers, it’s crucial for you to be peace ambassadors so that we have peaceful homes.”

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) representative Martha Nghambi addressed young girls from Tuliani Secondary School in Tanzania at a leadership summit hosted by GPF Tanzania and Mwanamke no Uongozi (Women in Leadership) on October 11, 2017.

A speaker addresses a full room at the women's leadership summit

Women’s Leadership summit highlights youth and families in peacebuilding

The event convened under the theme, “The Value of Girls and Moral Leadership,” uplifting the value of women in leadership and encouraging girls to find their inner value and strength as peace builders in their homes, communities and the world. The event was held to instill familial values and foster a culture of love and respect not only at the school, but in the girls’ families and larger community.

The women’s division of Global Peace Foundation highlights women’s leadership in positive social transformation through conventions, grassroots service projects and global campaigns to strengthen families, the most basic institution of society and the building block of a peaceful world.

Jokate Mwegelo, an accomplished young woman, was among the distinguished lineup of speakers at the event. Ms. Mwegelo is an actress, CEO and young entrepreneur recognized as one of the 100 most influential young Africans by the African Youth Award. She attributed her success in leadership roles to recognizing her inner value as a woman and working hard. She encouraged the audience to do the same to reach success in their lives.

Actress, CEO and entrepreneur Jakate Mwegelo speaks at Tanzania women's leadership summit

Actress, CEO and entrepreneur Jakate Mwegelo speaks at Tanzania women’s leadership summit

Another speaker, Neema Kabale, a Teacher from Tanzania Women Teachers Association [TAWOTEA], gave insight into the opportunities provided by successful completion of primary, secondary and higher education. Many girls have dropped out of school for various reasons, but a prominent one is unexpected pregnancy. She empathizes the importance of staying in school and studying hard to ensure a successful future as leaders.

With the understanding that leadership in the family and community is an ongoing effort of character development and collaboration, Shamira Mshangama, Managing Director of Mwanamke na Uongozi, left the participants with a call to practice moral leadership immediately through cultivating moral imagination, develop listening skills, and building solutions from others’ perspectives.

Youth at the Tanzania leadership summit show hold signs reading

Youth at the Tanzania leadership summit show support for the global Peace Begins in the Home campaign

Learn more about the Peace Begins in the Home International Movement, a Global Peace Women initiative that is inspiring thousands of men and women and their families from four continents to support strong families though fostering a loving culture in the home.


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