Leadership Academy Student Directs International Women’s Day Workshop

Emiko Perea
May 3, 2018

Women from ages 18 to 60 participated in a professional development workshop in commemoration of International Women’s Day in Uruguay last March. The workshop was directed by Ms. Nancy Cappelli, a member of Global Peace Women’s Leadership Academy. The Academy, developed by the women’s division of Global Peace Foundation, provides young women with the opportunity to expand their leadership skills through training workshops, capacity building, and experiential service-learning. Selected applicants receive a micro-grant award to implement local community service projects.

The workshop highlighted employment orientation and defining goals, providing an in-depth look at resume-building, interviews, focusing on vision and planning through group work and presentation of case studies. Participants voiced their particular appreciation to learn the importance of defining clear goals in planning their personal finances.

Participants receive certificates for completing the Global Peace Women leadership workshop

Participants receive certificates for completing the Global Peace Women leadership workshop

At the end of the day, women who participated in the workshop said they had increased confidence and assurance in working publicly, handling interviews, and in achieving their goals. In addition, they were given contact information for consultations and offered diverse tools to search for employment based on their feedback. Many of the young women asked questions about beginning their own businesses and carrying out their own projects.

Nancy Cappelli’s initiative to implement this women’s leadership workshop not only demonstrated her own growth as a leader, but also created a positive impact in the lives of other women in Montevideo.


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