Korean War Veterans Memorial

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August 26, 2013

Jin-Soo Kim at the Korean War Veterans Memorial

On August 25th, the International Young Leaders Assembly arrived in Washington, D.C. They visited the memorials of the U.S. Capitol, from the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, to the Washington Memorial.

One special memorial stood out for the Korean GPYC delegation – the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

Often called the “Forgotten War”, as it was relatively short and eclipsed by WWII and the Cold War, the Korean War was one of the most hard fought war in U.S. history. 5.8 million Americans served during three-years that the Korean War raged. The memorial was erected only in June1995. It reminds the world that “Freedom is not Free.”


GPYC-Korea saw the faces and names of the soldiers who flew to an unknown land to defend the freedom of people they’d just begun to know about.

Jin-Soo Kim and GPYC-Korea delegation at the Korean War Veterans Memorial

54,246 lost their lives, 8,200 are still listed as missing in action, lost or buried at sea, 103, 284 were wounded.

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