Korean Dream Service Festival Encourages Action for Reunification on the Peninsula

Global Peace Foundation
August 29, 2022

On August 15, 1945, Korea stood on the precipice of fulfilling a dream to build a free and unified nation that could benefit the world. More than seventy years later, that dream remains unfulfilled but alive.

On August 15, 2022, nearly 20,000 people gathered at the Action for Korea Festival at the Kintex Arena in Seoul, Korea, to show support for the Korean Dream. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, founder and chairman of Global Peace Foundation, addressed the crowd of Korean Dream activists. “This day is important for the Korean people. It reminds us of what still needs to be fulfilled,” said Dr. Moon. “The Korean Dream envisioned a nation rooted in the Hongik ingan ideal that will uphold the fundamental freedoms and human rights.”

Korean women support unification.

Koreans of all ages join hands during finale of the Action for Korea United Festival featuring K-pop stars and a national children’s choir.

Global Peace Foundation had been a leading partner in a global movement advancing a comprehensive approach to resolving the division on the peninsula focused on a vision that draws upon the native Korean ethic of “hongik ingan,” which means “to live to benefit humanity.” Action for Korea United is a coalition of organizations and individuals advancing a grassroots, vision-driven approach to the peaceful reunification of Korea.

As part of the festival, GPF affiliate Global Peace Women joined Service for Peace and 일천만이산가족위원회(10 Million Divided Korean Families Association), members of Action for Korea United, to organize the Korean Dream Service Festival.  Koreans, first, second and third generations of Korean divided families, North Korean defectors, and international supporters served together with their hearts and hands, showing that service can unite, empower and bring benefit to our world. “Today, let’s put the Korean Dream into action through service,” said Dr. Soonok Kang, President of Global Peace Women.

Korean arts

Photo exhibition displays human tragedy of division on the Korean peninsula

A special photo exhibition sponsored by the 10 Million Divided Korean Families Association documented the human tragedy of the Korean division and the deep desire for reunification. “Today, we want to invest in the dream of the 10 million divided Korean families,” said Mr. Jang, President of Service for Peace Korea. A fundraiser encouraged donations to support reunification efforts, driven by the hope to grant surviving divided families their “Last Wish” to set foot once more in their hometowns.

Another project encouraged people to create messages of support for Korean reunification. Global Peace Women collected over 40 international video messages as part of the project. A month-long campaign leading up to the festival encouraged volunteers to engage in service projects around Korea, like serving the elderly and renovating homes of surviving divided family members and North Korean defectors.

messages of support for Korean reunification

The Korean public sharing their messages of support for Korean reunification.

National Liberation Day 2022, 77 years since 1945, the Korean Dream is still a dream, but as people around the world take up the dream, it will soon become a reality. 

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