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Global Peace Foundation
April 20, 2020

Ms. Keiko Kobayashi, Chair of JUN AI World Peace Foundation, is graciously offering a free Online Gift Screening of the film “JUN AI” for our partners in peacebuilding during these challenging times. Ms. Kobayashi is a Global Peace Awardee (2017) and PR Ambassador of One K Global Campaign (2018).  The film newly includes scenes of her speech on March 1, 2019 at the National Assembly Plaza in Seoul, South Korea.  This is her message.

Keiko Kobayashi at the March 1 centennial in Seoul

Keiko Kobayashi at the March 1 centennial in Seoul

Dear Beloved Peacebuilders,

We are the founders of the social art film project “Jun Ai.”

Many people around the world have been instructed to stay home to protect themselves and others during this global pandemic. We would like to express our empathy to those who are affected by these unprecedent circumstances and our deepest condolences to those who passed away because of the virus infections.

“Jun Ai” means unconditional love that transcends all differences, which is also the main theme of our film along with peace. The project has developed as a social art film platform, empowered by people through private and interactive screenings around the world over the last twelve years.  “Jun Ai Online Gift Screening 2020” offers the latest version “Jun Ai – Ai & Aika,” produced through Japan-China-Korea collaboration. Even though this new edition has never been officially screened at any movie theater, we decided to offer this film as a gift to encourage people under the challenging circumstances. We feel that this is a historical moment that people need to get inspired by love beyond differences.

“One Film creates One Bond”

JUN AI World Peace Foundation
Keiko Kobayashi
Shogo Okuyama

Jun ai movie posterHow to Watch the Movie:
Please click on this  Google Form to register for the online screening. The registrant will get the Video Link & Password in a new browser tab as well as an email.

Period: April 15 through June 21, Father’s Day

Watch the trailer here.

The registration is also available from description page on the YouTube  

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