Indonesia Hosts Global Peace Volunteers in Leadership Training Camp

Naomi Yakawich
May 15, 2017

“Global Peace Volunteer camp in Palembang is one of the greatest events, that I’ll never forget, in my life. I feel so happy to meet people from various backgrounds and learn about leadership. The camp made me realize that we have one dream in this world: to live life in peace and harmony.” – Shyfany (Global Peace Volunteer)

A selective group of 30 youth from across Indonesia took on Global Peace Volunteer’s three-day training camp in Palembang to expand their leadership aptitudes through experiential learning and community service. The camp, held from March 31 to April 2, assembled under the theme, “Moral and Innovative Leadership for Peace and Development.”

Global Peace Volunteers get to know each other in team icebreakers

By providing a platform for young leaders to exchange ideas and creative solutions, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia’s GPV Camp creates opportunities for youth to expand their leadership networks under common values and directly contribute to the needs of their local community.

Global Peace Volunteers originated from various cities, including Aceh, Semarang, Jakarta, Riau, Padang, and Yogyakarta, providing a variety of perspectives to the diverse leadership group. Team leaders had the opportunity to lead engaging discussion groups, allowing participant to share their passions and unique strengths as aspiring role models and leaders in their respective communities.

These inspiring and interactive presentations and discussions brought out diverse viewpoints, ideas and solutions to address the UN-established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Moved by the presentations, one participant said the lecturer opened up her mind to the difference she could make as a young leader.

GPV teams give diversity and leadership presentations

One Global Peace Volunteer, Adnan Abdul, who is a student at Semarang State University, was grateful for the diversity of youth at the GPV Camp and the potential each brought to the table. “As youth, we must contribute and do something, not just talk but take action,” said Adnan. “Youth must be caring and empathetic towards society.” Adnan is confident that the GPV camps are raising the next generation of moral and innovative leaders in Indonesia with the passion to serve the global community as “one family.”

The GPV Camp concluded with a “Service in Action” session in Kampung Al-Munawar. GPV delegates had the opportunity to interact with the local community to discover their most urgent needs and work with them to address their concerns. Global Peace Volunteers not only gained insights on collaboration and creative problem solving, but also received unique insights into a culture vastly different from their own, which was what one GPV group facilitator described as the “greatest gift” of his GPV experience.

GPF Indonesia conducts ongoing programs to educate moral and innovative young leaders through Global Peace Volunteer Camps and Global Peace Youth Leadership Camps. GPV has already implemented more than thirty camp programs and it continues to perform as one of the most inspirational programs for aspiring young leaders across the country.

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