Grassroots Community Project Provides Computer Training for Women in Indonesia

Naomi Yakawich
February 22, 2018

Hundreds have benefitted from Life Park Project, a community development program launched by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia in 2014 through the collaboration of local citizens and government in Rusunawa Flamboyan, Jakarta. Thanks to partners like Samsung Life and Life Insurance Social Contribution and volunteers from local universities, the low-cost apartment community has the opportunity to participate in free English lessons, art classes, sports and much more, including the latest program that provides computer training for stay-at-home mothers.

On February 21, twenty women joined the first Rusun computer-training day. Excited to be a part of the program, first-time user Liany was grateful that local students and GPF volunteers contributed their time and energy to help saying, “After joining this program, I understand that learning [about the] computer is not difficult if we practice it regularly.” The class will be held in the second and fourth week of every month with volunteer facilitators.

The volunteer teachers overviewed Microsoft Word and Excel programs in order to help the women learn how to create their own proposals and reports for current and future community development programs. Not only are the women gaining invaluable technical skills, but also the knowledge to provide further sustainability to the ongoing development project that is Life Park.

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