Graduate of GPF Nepal Leadership Program Creates Local Project to Aid Families

Naomi MacMurdie
May 20, 2021

Sama Neupane is a graduate of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal’s Moral and Innovative Leadership Workshop, but her participation in peacebuilding did not end with the last day of the program. Inspiring her own family to join in, Sama volunteered with GPF Nepal’s समुदाय सेवा Movement (“Community Service Movement”) to serve families in Bhaktapur.

Collecting financial and food donations, volunteers were able to gather enough provisions to aid families in need, as well as provide extra funds for individuals suffering from challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sama shared her experience:

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this initiative with the help of Global Peace Foundation and my own family. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, many families working on daily wages are having hard times earning their everyday meals since they lost their jobs.

The present scenario is very disheartening around the communities. Seeing people struggling for two-time meals is very heart-wrenching which motivated me to do something for them, be it very small. It was emotionally triggering for me to listen to the hardships they go through in their everyday life and I feel very glad that I could help them, even though it is a very small initiative.

I thank my parents for donating some extra amount of money to these families so that they can use it just in case some immediate emergency arises in the family. Lastly, I express my gratitude towards the ration shop owners for delivering the supplies at reasonable prices in this dreadful situation at the present.

One of the recipients assisted by Sama’s project expressed her appreciation.

I have a family of four and my husband and I both lost our jobs due to this lockdown. We were worried about our two children and their growth. This donation of food supplies and money will be of great help to our family. The food materials will be enough for 10 days for us and the money we received will be used to buy eggs and milk for my children. Thank you once again for this support.

Women holding bags

Volunteers provide needed supplies as part of GPF Nepal’s Community Service Movement.

The GPF community service movement has helped some 100 families in three different communities and continues to grow as more peacebuilding leaders join with their own resources and volunteers.

“I would like to request my friends and like-minded people to take such small initiatives in their own local community to help the needy ones,” Sama added. “It’s our responsibility to lend a hand to help the deprived ones.”

Learn more about GPF Nepal’s ongoing projects.

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