GPYouth Featured Leader: Elza Kochueva

Naomi Yakawich
February 16, 2016

“Leaders are the stimulating force that drives society forward, bringing people together as one and pushing them to achieve great things.”-Elza Kochueva

Elza Kochueva at the United Nations in New York City.

Every month, Global Peace Youth USA features exemplary young leaders from across the nation. Meet our February featured leader: Elza Kochueva. A participant of the International Young Leaders Assembly at the United Nations in August of 2015, Elza majors in Law and Society at John Jay’s College of Criminal Justice in New York. While preparing for her future graduate studies in law school, Elza also dedicates her time as Kumon Assistant at Kumon Educational Center to support the improvement of children’s reading and math skills. As a homework facilitator, she assists kids’ capacity for learning engagement.

“Leaders are an engine for progress. They move people through their actions and by setting an example for others. Leaders are the stimulating force that drives society forward, bringing people together as one and pushing them to achieve great things,” Elza said. She continued commenting that although working with young students may not directly relate to her studies in law, she acknowledges the importance and responsibilities of all leaders to ensure the success of future generations by sharing knowledge, experience, and passion. Elza quoted Nelson Mandela, saying, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

“A leader must bring together confidence, inspiration, and action,” Elza shared, “A leader must be a moral role model to help others determine the purpose of their actions. Innovation brings new ideas to life and a leader must be able to see it and help deliver it.”

Elza started out as a volunteer at her local political campaigning headquarters for the simple reason of making an impact on the community by being involved in the decision of a leader that would serve that community, not themselves. Besides playing a role as an active citizen in local government, Elza also contributes to the community by regularly donating to the New York Blood Center and helping local students raise funds for cultural exchange trips.

Elza is currently applying to start a Global Peace Youth chapter on her campus.

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