GPF Represented at 3rd National Volunteer Festival in Paraguay

Eric Olsen
May 21, 2013

GPF joined 35 NGOs from around Paraguay for the 3rd National Volunteer Festival on the coast of Asunción, Paraguay. Over 6,000 people participated in the Festival.

Service is one of the three pillars of Global Peace Foundation’s activities. Service is much more than volunteering. It connects humanity to their intrinsic capacity to live altruistically and a means for transformation. In this way it is the means to change the global ethic.

Since began in 2008, GPF has engaged tens of thousands of volunteers in civic services.

Prior to the first Global Peace Festival, GPF co-organized with UNESCO Schools Association and the City of Asunción, to draw out thousands of school children to clean the parks and streets of central Asunción. “We need to find good solutions for our young people,” said Ms. Medina, spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office.

The unprecedented event inspired the city and demonstrated the youth’s capacity. “Seeing these kids making such an effort is an example to all of us adults.” said Ms. Medina.

Last year GPF worked with A Todo Pulmon, to establish the first park for the blind in Asuncion. GPF also runs Taller-Volundariado, volunteer and service education programs for local schools and organizations.

Volunteerism has become big in Paraguay. This year is the 3rd Annual National Volunteer Festival, convened by Paraguay Volunteerism Network (Red de Voluntariado Paraguay), a national network of volunteers founded in 2010. It gained international recognition through the Global Youth Service Day network.

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