GPF Nigeria’s Capacity Building Program for Women Advances Peace in the Community

Global Peace Foundation
April 11, 2021

A number of communities in Nigeria struggle with poverty-related issues, which are often related to conflicts that escalate into violence. To address these issues, the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria, in collaboration with the Graceful Living Foundation (GLF), organized a skills acquisition program in Kuje with the message of peace and unity.

In this program, 40 women participants were taught practical skills, such as making snacks and doughnuts as a means to make a livelihood and to promote peace in their community.

The program recognizes the crucial role women play in the family and community. In equipping them with skills needed to create peace and development in their communities, the program ultimately aims to contribute towards long-term stability and development. A participant in the program, Angela Samuel, expressed her gratitude, commenting that it would help her to have a means of livelihood and that she would help to spread the message of peace.

Another participant, Hajia Umar, said that she was able to realize her dream of making treats, such as doughnuts, through this skill-building training. She commended GPF and GLF for their efforts and promised to spread the message of peace and unity to her customers.

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