GPF Nigeria Plans Launch of One-Year Peacebuilding Program in Kagoro Chiefdom

Global Peace Foundation
October 17, 2022

(From left) Rev. John Joseph Hayab, Dr. Ufuwai Bonet, and Sheikh Halliru Abdullahi Maraya

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria plans to launch a year-long peacebuilding campaign in Nigeria’s Kagoro Community in Kaduna State following a tumultuous period of terrorism that left 40 dead and 200 homes burned down in March 2022.Chief of Kagoro, Dr. Ufuwai Bonet, met with GPF Nigeria Director Rev. John Joseph Hayab and Northern Coordinator for GPF Nigeria, Sheikh Halliru Abdullahi Maraya, in September 2022 to discuss the stages of the program which is expected to include surveys, capacity building workshops, and the creation of a peace and reconciliation committee.

Rev. Hayab explained plans to include economic development workshops for 100 women and 100 youth, saying that creating more self-reliant and independent citizens would contribute to “reducing poverty and increasing unity among the beneficiaries who would be formed into various cooperative societies as peace ambassadors.”

This series of peacebuilding steps through GPF Nigeria’s One Family under God campaign has already proven to be effective in other regions, and facilitators are confident that with the support of local leaders, the project will bring social and economic stability to the Kagoro Chiefdom. The Chief of Kagoro pledged his partnership, expressing that his “arms are open wide” for any project that would build and promote peace amongst his people.

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