GPF Nepal Empowers Women in Rural Regions

Eric Olsen
April 30, 2012

In Nepal, discrimination against women is still widespread, especially in rural areas where traditional attitudes are strong. In many of these regions girls are frequently married at an early age, expected to serve their husbands with the enforcement restrictive laws, and thus often lose the opportunity to be educated.

Nepal Women Equal Rights

GPF Nepal believes that every person, man or woman, has equal rights. To promote equity and opportunity for women, GPF Nepal has initiated a three-month Women Empowerment Program to support women by developing their skills and making them aware of their rights and the role as citizens in the nation.

Currently, twenty poor and uneducated women from the Tharu community,  Far Western Region, are benefitting from a sewing and literacy program inaugurated by GPF Nepal on the April 13, 2012.

“Since I got married early, I didn’t have the opportunity to study or to learn any skill because of my responsibilities in my family,” Sharmila Chaudhary, one of the women, shared.“ I have always wanted to learn and study. When I was told that GPF Movement Nepal is holding a women empowerment program I didn’t think twice to join the training. This kind of opportunity doesn’t come always in our community. I am really grateful to GPF Movement Nepal for giving me the opportunity to improve my life.”

Nepal Women Equal Rights


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