GPF Korea Receives Government Commendation for Charitable Work

Global Peace Foundation
March 6, 2013

Republic of Korea Minister for Special Affairs Ko Heung-Kil (right) presenting a Certificate of Commendation to Global Peace Foundation Korea President David Yoo.

Global Peace Foundation Korea was awarded a Certificate of Commendation from the Republic of Korea’s Minister for Special Affairs Ko Heung-Kil on February 15, 2013. GPF was recognized for its charitable activities over the last year, such as the All-Lights Village Project and the Power of 1,000 Won.

“This extent of social volunteer work is unprecedented for a civil society organization,” Minister Ko remarked. “It has made notable contributions to developing South Korea’s national standing.” He added that the new government will continue to provide active support and cooperation for civil society organizations.

In accepting the award, GPF Korea President David Yoo said, “This Certificate of Commendation carries a special significance for the entire staff and members of Global Peace Foundation who have all been engaged in peace initiative programs. We will continue to stand in the forefront of building world peace in 2013.”

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