GPF Kenya Joins Power Panel Discussing Violence Prevention in 2017 Kenyan Elections

Global Peace Foundation
September 27, 2017

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya director Daniel Juma joined a “power panel” on KTN News Kenya to discuss preventing violence in the 2017 Kenyan elections and efforts for peacebuilding with KTN Anchor Ibrahim Yussuf, Political Analyst Mark Bichachi & Director of Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited Mr. Felix Okatch.

“The nation should not be held at ransom for those who want to abuse one another,” said Mr. Juma, describing the tense political climate.

In the midst of an ongoing, turbulent election season, some young Kenyans are uniting beyond political and tribal affiliations to uphold their identity as Kenyans first. GPF Kenya is a partner in the national peace movement for a Resilient Kenya, inspiring youth with opportunities to contribute to their communities, fostering skills, confidence, and a sense of responsibility to promote peace within the country.

Learn more about the movement for a #ResilientKenya.


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