GPF Indonesia Inspires High School Students to SPEAK UP Against Bullying

Naomi MacMurdie
May 26, 2023

After attending a Global Peacebuilder Practicum in 2022, youth from Indonesia banded together to address one of the most prevalent challenges facing their community: bullying in school.

The Global Peacebuilder Practicum is a partnership-driven leadership development program organized by Global Peace Foundation (GPF). Young people from all over the world are selected to engage with officials and development experts in forums—from the World Bank to the U.S. Capitol in Washington to the United Nations in New York City. Throughout their experience, these young leaders develop friendships but also inspiration and a network to tackle challenges in their local communities.

GPF Indonesia hosts Speak UP seminar to address bullying in Indonesia's schools.

GPF Indonesia hosts Speak UP seminar to address bullying in Indonesia’s schools.

With this transformative experience under their belt, the Indonesian group “Lihat Sekeliling ID” collaborated with GPF Indonesia to hold a seminar called “Speak Up!” on February 28, 2023.

Ghaniyah, Oca, Shebia, and Alfath are members of Lihat Sekeliling ID who volunteered to provide peacebuilding and anti-bullying talks to students from Bandung’s high schools at the seminar. They are adamant that bullying occurs because of a lack of understanding between students and faculty about respect and tolerance. With the help of inspirational and successful mentors, seminar organizers hope to transform attitudes away from bullying towards respect over shared values.

Principal of SMAN 15 Bandung Toto Suharya, S.Pd, M.Pd said during one of the forum’s activities that peace at school was a form of preparation to become good citizens. He elaborated on the Indonesian ideal of Pancasila that articulated the “five principles” of the country’s democracy.

One mentor, Ghaniyah, presenting at the Speak UP seminar.

One mentor, Ghaniyah, presenting at the Speak UP seminar.

These include:

  • Belief in the One and Only God
  • A Just and Civilized Humanity
  • The Unity of Indonesia
  • Democracy is guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations among representatives
  • Social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia

The principal emphasized that foundational to Indonesia’s ability to live peacefully with people from such diverse backgrounds is the core belief that all people are one family, descended from one origin.

An audience member during a Q&A session at the Speak UP seminar.

An audience member during a Q&A session at the Speak UP seminar.

Faliq, one of the selected mentors, graduated from the Peacebuilders Practicum and the Global Peace Volunteer Camp. Faliq said that his participation in the cause to eliminate bullying is simply a continuation of the Global Peacebuilders Practicum, a concrete step to spread the values of peace that he believes in. “They have learned the importance of creating peace from the closest environment, namely schools to prevent bullying and violence,” said Faliq about his mentees.

Sharleen Tomobe, Program Development Coordinator for GPF, spoke at the seminar encouraging volunteers and students to “grow peace within yourself.” She advised them that finding peace in one’s inherent identity, regardless of other people’s pressures or environmental influences, will set them up to bring real change. “We have to bring peace from ourselves before trying to give peace to the world,” said Sharleen.

Coach Wouter, Founder of Transformation First Asia, was also present at the seminar. He concluded the seminar by emphasizing the motto that all people are One Family under God. “We are the same creatures,” Wouter said. He reminded students that when bullying occurs, it is people expressing their dissimilarity. To address it, he encouraged them to help people remember their similarities and their shared values. “Challenge positively, acknowledge them, and invite them to the positive community.”

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