GPF Brazil Hosts FORUM 1 on Transforming Education

Naomi MacMurdie
October 26, 2022

Teachers, researchers in education, and civil society leaders from the international community participated in an online forum hosted by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Brazil and other partners to address lessons learned during the pandemic and how to advance education in a post-pandemic world.

Called “FORUM 1,” the online convening was the first in a series that will be held throughout the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. FORUM 1 was held on August 31, 2022, under the theme, “Solutions for the Post-Pandemic Scenario: What can be Done?”


Speakers on a panel for FORUM 1 in August 2022

This forum follows a series of seminars that were carried out in 2021 and 2022 by GPF Brazil and the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology, where some 3,500 educators engaged in capacity-building lectures and discussions on the status of education and the methods and tools needed to navigate the pandemic period.

The seminars covered a wide range of topics, including a variety of major challenges facing the education system and communities as a whole. One of these seminars featured William Abadia, a former member of the Columbia drug kingpins that inspired the Netflix series “Narcos.” Today, Abadia is a peace activist that gives presentations to university students on drug prevention and rehabilitation, which is a major topic in healing many communities not just in South America but across the globe.

GPF Brazil CEO, Massimo Trombin, was also a speaker on the forum series on the topic, “A Dialogue on the Culture of Peace.” Other notable attendees included Dr. Diaz, who served as the moderator; Dr. Tony Devine, GPF; Dr. Darla K. Deardorff, Executive Director of the Association of International Education Administrators; and Dr. Janete Arnt, IFF Rector Office.

FORUM 1 assembled the growing network of educators and administrators to generate proposals for new methodologies, provide a platform to exchange experiences and best practices, and foster partnerships to help transform education.

FORUM 2 is set to take place in November 2022.

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