Global Peace Youth Mannequin Challenge Promotes Korean Dream

Global Peace Foundation
July 3, 2017

Forty international students participated in a three-day One Korea camp to learn about the urgent need for Korean reunification and creative ways to bring awareness to the cause through popular media culture like the mannequin challenge at Kyungbok Palace featured here.

Partnering with UNICEF and UN Habitat, Global Peace Youth (GPY) Korea and the Korean International Students Services Association (KISSA) gathered youth on May 17-20 in Seoul for a series of workshops and campaign projects to inspire “one dream, one Korea, one world.”

Civic society both in Korea and abroad is essential to the successful reunification of the Korean peninsula. International exchanges like the GPY One Korea camp educate and inspire the next generation with the relevant challenges of a divided Korea and how they can play a part in the solution for a safer, more prosperous Korea and world.

Learn more about the Korean Dream and the efforts being made to reunify Korea today.

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