Global Peace Women Uruguay Hosts Afternoon Tea Exploring Unique Contribution of Women Leadership

Global Peace Foundation
July 6, 2015

Over tea and pastries, women and men in Montevideo spent a fulfilling afternoon delving into topics relating to women leadership and social transformation. Global Peace Women (GPW) – Uruguay and the Bohemian Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art hosted the afternoon tea on July 13 that featured the co-authors and themes of their recent publication, “From the Hearts of Women.”

Book co-authors Psychologist Gabriela Glotzer and Esc. María Teresa García.

Psychologist Gabriela Peinado, a member of GPW Uruguay, moderated a small group that explored the question “What shared values form the foundations of healthy families and ethical societies?”

Book co-authors Psychologist Gabriela Glotzer, coordinator of self-help groups for adults and seniors of the Israeli community in Uruguay and Esc. María Teresa García joined the discussion. The dialogue concluded there are values that cross ethnic and religious boundaries, and women have a special role to instil these values that form the foundations of cohesive and ethical societies starting in the home.

On the left, Lic. Silvia Bettina Posse and on the right, Lic. Nancy Capelli discuss innate leadership qualities of women.

Lic. Liliana Cabrera, also a book contributor, led a discussion highlighting the innate leadership qualities of women. Fellow co-authors Lic. Nancy Capelli and Lic. Silvia Bettina Posse offered their personal observations of qualities that women bring to leadership like empathy, compassion, and understanding of others’ hearts. The group noted that such innate characteristics make women resourceful and innovative leaders particularly when supporting the well-being of their families and world.

The conversations continued over delicious pastries and accoutrements provided by chef Restobar Tajamar de Carrasco.

From right to left: Sra. Maria Abatis, Wife of the Ambassador of Greece to Uruguay, and member of the ambassador’s wives association, Sra. Teresa Darnaud, Psychologist, Nibia Pizzo, President, Global Peace Women, Uruguay, Gabriela Glotzer, Representative of the Jewish Community of Uruguay.

Global Peace Women is a division of the Global Peace Foundation that seeks to articulate the innate value of femininity, recognize the indispensable leadership of women in the family, and spread the culture of transformative service unto others through education, local and international advocacy, and community service projects.

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