Global Peace Women Uruguay Celebrates Book Launch, “From the Hearts of Women”

Global Peace Foundation
July 30, 2015

Global Peace Women (GPW) Uruguay celebrated the launching of its new book, From the Hearts of Women, on July 28, 2015 at the Palladium Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay. The book, a reflection of the guiding vision of GPW, aims to educate the public on the important role women play in creating more cohesive and prosperous societies.

(From left to right) Licentiate Liliana Cabrera, Dr. Mirtha Zunino, Notary Public Dora Robaina, Notary Public Maria Teresa Garcia, Pshycologist Nibia Pizzo, Licentiate Nancy Cappelli, Licentiate Silvia Bettina Posse, Scholar Mercedes Vigil, Professor Susana Rodriguez Varesse.

President of Global Peace Women Uruguay and co-author Nibia Pizzo presented welcoming remarks, emphasizing the important role women have in society today. “We represent the femininity of the universe,” she said. “If this femininity is denied the right to express itself fully and freely, the universe won’t be complete or well served.”

The book’s seven chapters cover topics such as strengthening family values, bringing love into education and promoting feminine leadership to solve social issues. The book’s authors include Global Peace Women Uruguay members President Psychologist Nibia Pizzo, Notary

(From left to right) GPW Uruguay President and Psychologist Nibia Pizzo, former First Lady Maria Julia Pou de Lacalle, writer and scholar Mercedes Vigil, and Senator Dr. Graciela Bianchi.

Public Dora Robaina, Licentiate Nancy Cappelli, Licentiate Liliana Cabrera, Dr. Mirtha Zunino, Licentiate Silvia Bettina Posse, and Notary Public Maria Teresa Garcia. Prestigious Uruguayan writer and scholar Mercedes Vigil and prominent Professor Susana Rodriguez Varesse wrote the book’s preface.

“If this femininity is denied the right to express itself fully and freely, the universe won’t be complete or well served.”

President Pizzo said the book conveys that the significance of women in this “human adventure” is invaluable. “It is now the time to assume our leadership and show the huge and unparalleled power of the love in women’s hearts.”

Cover of Global Peace Women Uruguay’s book, From the Hearts of Women.

The meeting was attended by a noted public figures including, among many others, Uruguayan former First Lady Dr. Maria Julia Pou de Lacalle, Uruguayan Senator Dr. Graciela Bianchi, Graciela Rompani, Sister Veronica Capricciosi, former Senator and present Minister of the Court of Auditors of the Nation Ruperto Long, and TV host and actress Laura Martinez, who conducted the ceremony.

Global Peace Women seeks to share the book with the public, to further spread the important roles women play in creating a more stable, loving and peaceful world.

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