Global Peace Women Mongolia Emphasize Family Values and Women Leadership through Service

Naomi Yakawich
April 10, 2017

Global Peace Women (GPW) Mongolia served 115 newborns and mothers at a community maternity house, donating socks and mouth masks, essential to the health of newborns and their mothers last January.

Collection of face masks and socks donated by GPW Mongolia

The project was a part of ongoing efforts to support women and families that include awareness programs to combat gender-based violence. It is reported by the National Center Against Violence that 1 in 3 women in the cities and villages of Mongolia are subjected to gender-based violence. GPW Mongolia provides assistance and support to women and families through preventative training programs that emphasize family values, volunteerism, and women’s valuable contributions to the family and society. Professionals and organizations partner with GPW to provide ongoing support for vulnerable women.

The women’s division of Global Peace Foundation (GPF), GPW affirms the role of women leadership in creating positive social transformation. At the heart of healthy societies, strong families are built on the nurturing qualities of mothers who lead their family in giving back to their communities.

Mothers with newborns accept masks and socks donated by GPW

GPW Chairwoman, Dr. Jun Sook Moon, drew attention to the serving heart of a mother at the 2017 Global Peace Convention. “From painful labor to nursing, mothers embody a sacrificial heart for the sake of the next generation,” said Dr. Moon, “At her best, a mother is the lifelong source of unconditional love, harmony, and counsel. Together with the father, a mother instills the core values and moral compass in children so that they can make wise decisions, navigate relationships, and contribute to society. Virtuous mothers ensure that global peace begins in the home, one family at a time.”

Global Peace Women supports women as they foster a culture of service in their families and larger community, empowering women to utilize their innate leadership qualities that include compassion and empathy in their peacebuilding work.

Learn more and stay up to date on the latest initiatives for Global Peace Women: Women’s Leadership in Positive Social Transformation.

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