Global Peace Women Hosts “Reunification Education in the Family” Campaign

Global Peace Foundation
March 17, 2016

Global Peace Women (GPW) held a “unification Education in the Family” campaign in South Korea to emphasize the importance of families raising their children to be global minded citizens and preparing them for a future of living in a reunified Korean Peninsula on October 10-19, 2015. For two weeks, Global Peace Women staff conducted a street campaign and focus group meetings to educate the public on the important role parents can play in preparing their children for a reunified Korea. During the campaign, Global Peace Women visited Children’s Grand Park, Shinnam Middle School, Deokwon Art High School, Yang Jae Cheon Park, and held focus groups. The Campaign is part of a larger program—One Dream One Korea—with over 700 organizations involved in strengthening the movement for reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

For more information you can visit Global Peace Women’s Facebook page or you can visit Global Peace Women International’s webpage.

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