Global Peace Volunteers Provide Education in Cambodia

Naomi Yakawich
June 28, 2018

Global Peace Volunteers are using their knowledge, leadership training, and passion in providing education to primary students in Cambodia.

Following their training from Global Peace Foundation Cambodia, over sixty young volunteers took to the classroom as volunteer teachers for the April through July semester. Belle, Chea, and Aing were among the volunteers and shared their experience in the projects nicknamed EnglishEd and GreenEd programs, providing English language and environmental education to students in two primary schools.

Top: Volunteer teacher Belle with some of his students Bottom: Volunteer teacher Chea with some of her students

Top: Volunteer teacher Belle with some of his students Bottom: Volunteer teacher Chea with some of her students


English is quickly rising as the primary language in many Southeast Asian nations so providing quality education through English literacy programs gives Cambodian youth a significant advantage as the country enters a globalized economy and multicultural world.

Belle is still a student himself at the University of Cambodia teaching English to about fifty and sixty grade 6 students at Hun Sen Prek Pra primary school in his spare time.

“Being an English-language teacher is what I used to dream of [becoming]. Actually, I have participated in the [EnglishEd] project since October. The students are friendly and respectful to me, and they have really actively participated in every class activity which has made the teaching process become lively and full of fun. Although sometimes I feel a little bit tired from teaching, my students’ smiles and desire to learn English is still the best motivation for me to keep going on my work.”

Chea from Beltei said the EnglishEd project was an important opportunity for volunteers, whether they are university or high school students, or working professionals.  “Teaching is a procedure to improve themselves mentally in strengthening the quality of leadership and confidence,” said Chea.

Volunteer teacher Aing in his classroom with his students

Volunteer teacher Aing in his classroom with his students

Aing studies at the Institute of Foreign Languages but decided to volunteer his time for the GreenEd program.

“Although people have different nationalities, religions, and cultures, we still share the same earth,” said Aing. “Regardless of what they believe in, our God wants us to do good deeds and help one another. Global Peace Foundation aims to promote peacebuilding as essential to building social cohesion not only within a nation but in the global community by developing into responsible, virtuous global citizens and leaders.” Aing commented on the need for teamwork, finding common ground, and tapping into our common humanity to serve our communities and make a difference.

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