Global Peace Volunteer Camp Alumni Gathering 2019

Emiko Perea
January 27, 2020

“Almost DECADE: Time for Collaboration”

Since 2010, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia has held 37 Global Peace Volunteer camps as part of a leadership development program that provides a platform for youth to exchange ideas and engage in experiential learning from activities that develop character building and learn the four core values: Living for the greater good, Dream Big, Ownership, and Teamwork. The aim of the workshop is to uplift the youth as innovative leaders for peace and development.

Global Peace Volunteer Camp has over a thousand alumni across Indonesia from different religious and professional backgrounds. In December 2019, GPF Indonesia held its first alumni gathering for graduates of the program currently living or working in Jakarta. The event ran under the theme of collaboration, where the alumni created strong familial bonds with each other despite meeting for the first time through team activities and sharing their experiences with each other.

After the event ended, the alumni said they were happy to meet other alumni from different backgrounds. Furthermore, they agreed that they wanted to continue collaborating with each other to contribute to nation-building efforts for the youth. GPF Indonesia will create a platform to connect the motivated alumni to support their efforts for peace and development.

“I am so happy listening to all the stories of the alumni, their motivation, and their experience in their current jobs or activities. We all have the same vision, we want to live for greater good and living for others,” said  Mr. Jin Soo Kim (GPF Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific). Mr. Kim said he hopes that they could continue these gatherings to all the chapters in the world in the future.

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