Global Peace Foundation Tanzania Advances Youth-Focused Peacebuilding Model in Capital Region

Eric Olsen
July 15, 2016

Community Leaders Seek Solutions to Youth Violence and Political Divisions

GPF Tanzania national leader Martha Nghambi introduces GPF Tanzania’s youth initiative, Vijana na Amani.

Tandale is among the most violent wards in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es-Salaam. Poverty, lack of access to clean water, poor sanitation, inadequate education, and shortage of social services have made Tandale a difficult place to grow up.

To respond to these harsh realities, Global Peace Foundation Tanzania partnered with the Tandale Youth Development Center to host a symposium on July 31seeking to engage Tandale youth in positive social change.

“All over the world young people are facing with many challenges in their communities,” said Tandale Youth Development Centre Chairman Salum Yusuph. “They must be given enough support, starting from their communities, government and other stakeholders. Our mission is to see that Tanzanian young people know their rights and responsibilities in their communities in order to achieve their goals.”

“Shared principles and values are the foundation for social cohesion.”

GPF Tanzania national leader Martha Nghambi introduced GPF Tanzania’s youth initiative, Vijana na Amani (“Youth for Peacein Swahili) as a vehicle to empower youth with peacebuilding and leadership skills, counter radicalization, and promote positive engagement and entrepreneurship in communities and universities. She encouraged youth to become active citizens who respect each other’s different religious and political views and who work together to resolve shared community issues.

The symposium is the beginning partnership between the development center and Global Peace Foundation Tanzania that seeks to support the youth’s development and improve the larger community.

Supporting Dar es Salaam Youth

Earlier on July 9, GPF Tanzania representatives met with 37 community and faith leaders in Kipunguni, a community in western part of Dar es Salaam. Local leaders expressed concerns over recent outbreaks of youth-led violence, unemployment and drug abuse among youth, and deepening political divisions.

Community leaders in Kipunguni, a community in western part of Dar es Salaam, meet to discuss positive responses to challenges faced by youth.

Introducing the Global Peace Foundation’s values-based approach to rebuilding cross-community relationships, Nghambi cited models like the One Family under God campaign in Nigeria and One Nation under God campaign in Kenya. “Shared principles and values are the foundation for social cohesion,” said Ms. Nghambi.

Cell leader Mr. Seleman Bishangazi expressed enthusiasm for the peace campaign Vijana Na Amani.   “I believe this meeting will change our perception from now onwards,” he said. “Let’s forget our differences and unite as one family.”

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