Global Peace Foundation-Paraguay Joins Government and Local Volunteers in Solidarity with Alto-Paraguay

Eric Olsen
May 30, 2014

An army truck loaded with donations reached stricken families in the remote parts of the Chaco , a geographic region in Alto Paraguay, the largest department in Paraguay. Recent flooding has left many communities, particularly indigenous populations in Remancito, Puerto Falcón, and Bo. Del Niño Asentamiento of Hayes Village, without basic needs and transport. The donations were collected by volunteers from the Global Peace Foundation Paraguay, the Lions Club of Hayes Village, and local schools.

Major Flooding in 2014

Since the beginning of the year, Alto Paraguay has experienced constant flooding. Thousands of people have been displaced, critical road construction has been delayed, and huge sections of the region have become inaccessible. The worst flooding occurred in April when the Pilcomayo River overflowed. An estimated 13,000 families were isolated.

After flooding began in January, Marlene Ocampos, Governor of Alto Paraguay, has been implementing plans for drainage pipes and emergency restoration for major roads.

Campaign for Solidarity

The volunteer division of the Global Peace Foundation Paraguay, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the youth volunteers of Hayes Village, the Lions Club and the Global Peace Youth volunteers held a day-long marathon on April 23, in solidarity with the stricken families in the Chaco region.

An Artistic Marathon featuring more than 300 young students from 11 local schools singing, and dancing  drew locals to donate their clothing, shoes, school supplies and drinking water.

The Paraguayan Police and Army were big supporters. They provided logistics during the Artistic Marathon and clothing and supply drive, as well as transport to deliver the donations to the flood-hit regions. The campaign raised enough to provide 150 families with clothing, school supplies, drinking water and food.

The 150 campaign volunteers received a special certificate for their service. The state coordinator of educational supervision of Alto Paraguay, Lic. Mercedes Riveros, the Education Secretary of Alto Paraguay, Sr. Arnaldo Romero, principals, instructors, and other representatives attended the awards ceremony.

The volunteers expressed their enthusiasm to continue such service programs through the remainder of the year. One volunteer was inspired by how the campaign helped him feel closer to the rest of the country.  

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