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September 11, 2022

by Maureen Kemunto

Speakers for World Teacher’s Day webinar hosted by GPF Kenya.

The responsibility, expectation, and trust that come with the teaching profession is one that can never be underrated. Every player in the education sector, from governments, researchers, scholars, policymakers, and Non-Governmental Organizations, among others, put their hope on the teachers to actualize their dreams of offering quality education.

To appreciate and emphasize the good job that teachers do in Kenya and across the globe, GPF-Kenya joined hands with key stakeholders for a webinar to share outstanding roles that teachers take in their line of duty to change lives, transform immediate society, share knowledge and skills while growing their careers as well.

The event was sub-themed “The Fingerprints of a Great Teacher,” in line with the national celebration theme of “The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers.”

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Tony Devine, Vice President, Education Global Peace Foundation, who elaborated on key mandates that put a teacher in a very significant space within the education circle. He expounded on the critical responsibilities vested on the teachers by all players in the sector to drive home knowledge and skills which can positively impact the lives of learners and mold them to fit in contemporary society. “There is nobody who has a greater responsibility in achieving the dream of education than a teacher,” said Dr. Devine.

Dr. Tony Devine during World Teacher’s Day webinar

Speaking on “Spaces of Teachers in the society,” Ms. Linah Anyango, the Head of Teacher Professional Development at Merishaw School, challenged the teachers to view education provision beyond classroom work and create learners who can offer solutions to world challenges by venturing into the untapped education areas.

“Other than Grades, learners can explore more areas of their interest and talent to achieve their dreams,” she explained. She, however, agreed that continuous training and acquisition of the latest trends in education by teachers is one sure way of developing their careers and advancing training skills.

The same sentiments were shared by Mr. Deogratius Magero, Youth Empowerment and Employability Advisor, Plan International, who encouraged teachers to be entrepreneurs and expand their financial ability. “Every elementary and primary teacher improves the lives of their learners, and so they should also grow and become teacher-entrepreneurs.”

Mr. Hesbon Otieno, Deputy Secretary General of Kenya National Union of Teachers, and Mr. Peter Tabichi, Winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2019, also shared their milestones in the field as teachers from Kenya School of Government, where the national celebrations were held concurrently.

Mr. Otieno stressed the need for the government to give adequate remuneration to teachers, check on their welfare, career development, and favorable policy frameworks.

“As a union, we have participated in curriculum reforms and establishment of policies that can work best for all stakeholders in education to achieve a conducive working environment for our teachers.”

Mr. Tabichi, however, advised teachers to set up innovation centers in their schools to help students have hands-on practical activities which can not only make the learning process interesting but also act as an eye-opener of what the reality of life is about.

“We believe that as teachers, we have to empower young learners so that in future, they can do the same to others for a developed-peaceful society.”

To the teacher, we say, “Good Teachers Build Knowledge, Great Teachers build Character.”

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