Global Peace Foundation Awarded for Leadership Academy Mentoring Program

Eric Olsen
October 28, 2013

Mr. Charles C. Haynes, Chairman of CEP Board of Directors (left) with Dr. Tony Devine, Executive Director of LeadIn.

Mr. Charles C. Haynes, Chairman of CEP Board of Directors (left) with Dr. Tony Devine, Executive Director of LeadIn.

The Global Peace Foundation was awarded the National Promising Practices Award at the Character Education Partnership (CEP) Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. for their middle-school mentoring program, Leadership Academy, on October 25, 2013.

The Atlanta-based program—run by the education arm of GPF, LeadIn—engages middle school and college students with competencies that develop their leadership, creativity and integrity for success in school, home, workplace and community.

The program supports students through activities that encourage them to excel academically and socially, and achieve college and career goals. College students from area universities serve as mentors and facilitators modeling leadership and academic excellence for their young peers.

The Character Education Partnership sponsors the annual conference to showcase innovative best practices that are having an impact across the nation and abroad. Some of this year’s winning practices include unique anti-bullying programs, creative ways to integrate character and academic subjects, effective strategies for developing student leadership, and activities that build community – within the school and beyond. CEP encourages educators with similar needs to learn from and even replicate these successful initiatives.

“These best practices offer educators and others working with young people practical ways to develop empathy, conflict resolution skills, and good citizenship. CEP is excited about being able to recognize these educators and share their work with others around the world.”                                                          —Lara Maupin, Program Director of CEP                                              

An evaluation of the Leadership Academy by Dr. Travis Patton of Morehouse Research Institute found that participating students had more confidence in leadership behaviors and improved academic performances than before they started the program. The evaluation also found reduced absenteeism, disciplinary actions, and in-and out-of-school suspensions among students in the program.

College facilitators’ leadership behaviors also increased based on their self-assessments before and after the program. The Leadership Academy’s efforts are aligned to significantly improve the educational and developmental outcomes of youth in the most distressed communities.

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