Global Peace Convention 2017 Reflections from Ms. Keiko Kobayashi, Chair, JUN AI World Peace Foundation

Global Peace Foundation
March 16, 2017

I would like to write my refection on GPC 2017 representing JUN AI World Peace Foundation.

Keiko Kobayashi at the screening of JUN AI during the convention.

First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for allowing us to participate in this GPC and receive the honorable award as well as have the opportunity to speak and screen Japan-China collaborative film “JUN-AI” as part of the Women’s Leadership Culture track . GPC 2017 gave us a great opportunity to get to know those who work to develop peace in many areas around the world.

Through participating in GPC 2017, we became convinced that we can be the first generation that will be united as one under the inspiring phrase: “Global Peace.” We want to convey what our generation should achieve through a film in which the latest technology is utilized to produce cultural art.

And the One K Global Campaign, a highlight of GPC 2017, showed us, the people of the neighboring country Japan, this is a precious opportunity to recognize the issue and apply this effective approach.

China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, etc.  Even though these countries in North East Asia have different national and political frameworks, we believe that these people can easily go beyond these boundaries when they can cultivate their hearts to be able to care about others. We promise that we will nurture the hearts of and generate the bonds among people.

We noticed that Global Peace Youth’s programs embodied fervent expectations for young generations. We realized that the future generations have a stronger feeling and passion for the vision of peace than our generation.  At the same time, we realized and are very grateful that our endeavor will not only be for ourselves but also a gift for the future generation.

Left to right: Donna Schuller, co-founder of Living Ministries presents Keiko Kobayashi and Shogo Okuyama, Co-Chairs of the JUN AI World Peace Foundation with the Global Peace Awards for Culture.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Tokyo in 2020. We would like to visit the countries and communities of the leaders whom we met this time, and have screenings and exchanges there until 2020. Then, we would like to invite all of them to come to our home county of Japan in 2020.

What GPC 2017 gave us is the future vision and conviction which came out from within ourselves. We will continue to work for the vision. At last we would like to express our deep appreciation to all of you. Thank you very much

Keiko Kobayashi

Chair, JUN AI World Peace Foundation

Executive Producer, Script Writer and Lead Actress of “JUN AI”


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