Fujitsu and Global Peace Foundation Signing Ceremony – CCI DIGITAL CLASS

Global Peace Foundation
November 7, 2016

Global Peace Foundation Indonesia signed a partnership with Fujitsu, a Japanese multinational computer and technology company, to provide education technology to high schools in Jakarta, Indonesia through GPF’s Character and Creativity Initiative. Fujitsu will provide the Chietama technology on tablets that assist teachers with automatically stored lessons and student learning records, improving student engagement and teamwork skills in group learning.

CCI recognizes that developing 21st century skills are an essential component of helping young people succeed in the modern workplace and bring the world forward through moral and innovative leadership. The program works with educators, ministries of education, and public and private stakeholders to advance new approaches to educating the whole child.

Fujitsu will implement the new technology at 74 Jakarta high schools during a trial period from November 7- December 23.

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