International Forum on One Korea 2022

International Forum on One Korea 2022

With the inauguration of Yoon Suk Yeol as the new President of South Korea, North Korea’s unprecedented series of ballistic missile tests with increasingly versatile systems, unexpected Ukraine War, intensifying US-China relations, ongoing COVID pandemic, and worldwide economic setbacks, the Korean peninsula is at a critical point of challenge and opportunity. This timely forum convenes prominent experts, policymakers, journalists, and civil society leaders from the Six-Party Talk countries and the broader international community to address comprehensively how to build international support for a free and unified Korea as the ultimate and permanent solution to the security threat and a catalyst for regional and global peace and development.


  • Global Peace Foundation
  • Action for Korea United
  • Parliamentarian’s Society of the Republic of Korea
  • The Korean Senior Citizens Association
  • Korean National Police Veterans Association
  • Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea
  • One Korea Foundation
  • Leaders’ Alliance for Korea Unification


  • Ministry of Unification
  • Peaceful Unification Advisory Council


  • Action for Korea United Professors Association
  • Blue Banner
  • Alliance for Korea United