Entrepreneur Leadership Workshop Empowers Women in Nepal

Global Peace Foundation
February 15, 2019

The women’s division of Global Peace Foundation organized a skill-development program from January 29 to January 31 to empower women with practical and essential skills to not only aid them in leading healthy lives, but further advance their entrepreneurship capacities.

Women learned how to make both liquid and hard soap under the leadership of Mrs. Laxmi Rai and participated in a awareness program on menstrual hygiene with the Shree Amritdhara Community Forest Office, which also included a session on how to make eco-friendly sanitary napkins. Striving to break taboos surrounding menstruation in a community, the Global Peace Women programs are empowering women to take on more leadership roles in their communities as builders of peace, not only in their families, but in greater society.

In every society, women play a central role in building and maintaining harmony within the family and strengthening social cohesion within communities. Affirming that “peace begins in the home,” the Global Peace Foundation seeks to engage women and other stakeholders to create a supportive cultural environment to strengthen and empower women’s leadership as a fundamental resource in advancing peace and human development.

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