Discovering Moral and Innovative Leadership: Milca’s Story

Global Peace Foundation
July 31, 2019

Years after leaving her birthplace, Milca still remembers her first home with fondness: Congo, the second-largest country in Africa. Although beautiful, the country has been fraught with violence and conflict for her whole life. Despite living in the UK now, Milca has a deep tie to her homeland and wants to wants to make a difference there. She recently shared with Global Peace Foundation, “I always knew that God created me for more than just me and that there was a problem out there, somewhere in the world which needed me to fix it. I felt and sensed all this, however, oftentimes, I failed to express it accurately.”

IYLA participants gathered at a table

Milca with fellow IYLA delegates in Washington DC

In 2018, Milca was invited to the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA). Initially, she didn’t know much about the event. Host to university students, young professionals, and globally significant leaders, the IYLA provides a platform for values-based leadership where young people can acquire first-hand experience, join a lasting global leadership network, and build a platform to tackle current critical issues. She made the decision to attend the event and that became the catalyst for change in her life.

IYLA gave context and language to my purpose. It is not only a gathering of young leaders around the world but it is an event of convocation and deployment. The vision of this organization has effectively embodied moral and innovative leadership and how crucial it is for our society today. Everyone everywhere is asking questions. People want answers and the reality is people need a leader, someone who will lay their lives down and devote themselves to a cause bigger than them and save a family, a community, a nation, a generation in the process.

IYLA imparts wisdom and knowledge whilst providing those who have made this decision to live for more than themselves, with resources, opportunities, and a support system ensuring that they succeed.


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