“Cycle of Conversation” Opens Dialogue Across Political Affiliation in Uruguay

Global Peace Foundation
October 16, 2019

Women in Uruguay are taking proactive measures to address political diversity and tension during the election year of 2019 through intermittent gatherings called “Cycle of Conversations” hosted by the women’s division of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) from April through October of this year.

Determined to generate a space for exchange, deepen connections among women in the community, and address topics of interest and social importance, the meetings have gathered women leaders more than four times in the region regardless of political affiliation.

Motivational Coach Daniela Boquete Perez speaks at Cycle of Conversations gathering in Uruguay

Global Peace Women (GPW) believes women play a central role in building and maintaining harmony, not only as natural peacebuilders in the family, but also as leaders in strengthening social cohesion within communities. Affirming that “peace begins in the home,” GPW seeks to engage women and other stakeholders in convenings like “Cycle of Conversations” in Uruguay to create a supportive cultural environment to strengthen and empower women’s leadership as a fundamental resource in advancing peace and human development.

The ongoing meetings are moderated by GPW Board of Directors and special guests for an intimate gathering of around fifteen women each time to ensure an environment in which the diverse group can make genuine connections and profound conversation.

Subjects included in the cycle of meetings have included topics like “Good Management of Social Networks” by one of the board of directors, Melissa Paredes, and “Learning to Listen: The Power of Communication” by motivational coach Daniela Boquete Perez.

Dr. Graciela Scordamaglia leads a discussion at a GPW Uruguay Cycle of Conversation

Hoping to provide more neutral spaces for people from various political background to engage in dialogue, Global Peace Women Uruguay is compiling research from the gatherings to be presented at the end of October to various political actors, leaders and candidates, and be considered at the time of the elections and prior to the installment of the next Uruguayan government team from December 2019 to March 2020.

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