Creating Social Cohesion through Community Service Projects in Bukuru

Robin McDonough
February 22, 2024
An empty classroom with Bukuru green chairs and a chalkboard.

Laboratory before GPF Nigeria sponsored service project.

Providing students with an environment conducive to learning is critical to their success in the classroom and beyond. Continuing their ongoing partnership, the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria and the Christian Rural and Urban Development Association (CRUDAN) spearheaded a transformative community service project to provide much-needed equipment and classroom furniture to one secondary school laboratory and two schools in the Unguwan Doki/Rahun Kanang Community, Jos South LGA, Plateau State.

A group of people working in a classroom on Bukuru community service projects.

Students assist in installing new equipment for their laboratory classroom.

The project, which culminated on January 16, 2024, with an in-person event, was a collaborative and inclusive effort engaging diverse community members who recognize that students thrive when afforded a classroom environment that enriches their learning. The community members are also enriched by their joint efforts, strengthening community bonds and creating a cohesive and caring approach that their children will emulate as they witness the benefits of working together and building relationships with those from diverse backgrounds.

GPF Nigeria Country Director John Joseph Hyab opened the event, addressing the attendees and emphasizing the project’s purpose of promoting unity and a shared purpose connected to GPF’s vision of “One Family Under God.” In addition, GPF Nigeria Northern Coordinator Sheikh Halliru Abdullahi Maraya and CRUDAN Executive Director Mr. Joseph Gyandi praised the project’s inclusive approach. They also reiterated the importance of collaboration to create partnerships, engage in peacebuilding, and drive positive change.

Two men standing in front of a Bukuru wooden box.

Sheikh Maraya (left) and Rev. Hayab (right) sit at new desks sponsored by Global Peace Foundation.

As the principal speaker, Mr. Sati Ayuba emphasized to the 59 attendees the importance of providing students with essential laboratory and classroom resources to avoid going elsewhere to make up for their school’s limited resources. He stated, “The project’s impact is profound, evident in improved relationships, reduced tension, and enhanced educational opportunities. Through workshops, resource provisions, and community engagement, the initiative fosters sustainable peace, empowers youth, and nurtures a culture of service, laying the foundation for a harmonious and prosperous future in the community.”

A group of people standing around a table in a classroom, fostering social cohesion.

GPF Nigeria and CRUDAN staff, volunteers, faculty and students reveal new equipment after installation.

Testimonies from the attendees highlighted the project’s significance in delivering both tangible and intangible results. Ambassador Aliyu Hassan commented, “Through our collective efforts, we’ve not only improved the learning environment for our children but also strengthened the bonds that hold us together as one cohesive family.” Two of the 30 student attendees remarked on the project’s positive impact on them. Musa Abdullahi said, “Before this project, our school lacked basic resources, and learning was challenging. But now, thanks to the support of the community and organizations like GPF Nigeria, we have a better-equipped learning environment.” Aisha Ibrahim stated, “I’ve learned the importance of working together towards a common goal and how unity can overcome any obstacle.

A group of school children from Bukuru posing for a photo as part of their community service project, promoting social cohesion.

Students enjoy the new laboratory classroom.

Today’s students are our future moral and innovative leaders. Investing in school resources provides a conducive learning environment and improves the likelihood of their success. Community members collaborating cooperatively and inclusively for the benefit of all students not only provides physical assets for classrooms but also sets a positive example for the students. This approach sets the stage for them to learn the importance of relationship-building, creating trust, and joining forces for a common goal.

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A **community service project** group **holding signs**.

Students show support for the vision One Family under God.

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