Cambodia Global Peace Volunteer Teachers Transform Education in a New Academic Year

Naomi Yakawich
November 27, 2018

Global Peace Volunteers in Cambodia are changing lives one classroom, one library, and one student at a time. Three key projects build moral and innovative leadership into education, raising young people to become ethical leaders in their local communities.

Volunteers in the Peacebook Project at Kdey Ta Koy Primary School are helping children develop literacy skills and a habit of reading, motivating students to read by planning interesting activities and reading out loud with them to enhance literacy and comprehension. The goal of the school library project is to ensure that all students of this school community have equitable access to books, providing a space for learning and thinking.

Volunteers interested in the education field also have an opportunity to teach English through Global Peace Foundation Cambodia’s EnglishEd program. As a volunteer, they have a chance to support local teachers and provide quality education for students in their community. EnglishEd volunteers teach basic English to children, help them with their homework and spark their interest in foreign language and cultures.

Besides expanding literacy and developing English education, Global Peace Volunteers from the surrounding universities are also making a huge difference in the GreenEd program. Prek Pra Krom Primary School and Kdey Ta Koy Primary School students are introduced to the best ways to take care of the environment, how to recycle and reuse products, and identify solutions to environmental challenges.

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