Camara Dos Deputados Reports: Latin American Former Presidents and Educators Ask for Dialogue with Young People

Global Peace Foundation
November 16, 2015

Former presidents of Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama and Uruguay and other speakers advocated  the expansion of dialogue with young people in response to the crisis on values in the educational system in Latin American countries at a forum on November 12, 2015 in Brasilia, Brazil.

The 2-day conference, “Brazil, Towards National Transformation,” was sponsored by the Human Rights Chamber Commission in partnership with Global Peace Foundation.

According to coordinator Danillo Alarcon from the International Relations Department of the Pontifical Catholic University, the event urged young people to be proactive in changing the educational landscape.

“We can’t make a closed classroom education anymore; student participation in seminars like this is a way to bring them into the political reality,” Alarcon said.

Senator Nelson Marquezelli said the solution to the educational crisis is upholding traditional values. “Without proper human education, it’s difficult to have a good politician,” he said.

The Chamber Education Commission President, Congressman Saraiva Felipe (Brazilian Democratic Party – Minas Gerais State), said the exchanges during the seminar would be useful for future debates in the Chamber.

The article was reported by Emanuelle Brasil and Ginny Morais and edited by Pierre Triboli.

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