Brazil Music Program Fosters Leadership and Community

Global Peace Foundation
October 9, 2019

Youth and families in Brazil are coming together through music to foster community and create a space for vulnerable youth. The LEAM (Leadership and Development by Music) project was first established by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Brazil in December 2016 with only four students hoping to address the vulnerability of youth caused by family instability, drugs and poverty.

Throughout the years, the LEAM project has formed bands, chorales, drumlines and more, involving local teachers, community leaders, students and their families in creating music, creating moral and innovative leaders, and creating a sense of community as one human family.

With scholarships provided by local and international donors, youth are able to attend the LEAM academy for the opportunity to learn and experience music as a means to develop teamwork, self-esteem and ownership, all while creating an auditory masterpiece as a band. Through the LEAM academy, students are taught that teamwork applies to life beyond peer groups, expanding into the family and society.

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