All Lights Village Project Lights up Cambodian Village

Naomi Yakawich
August 29, 2016

The village of Preah Khae in Kampung Speu Province, Cambodia is shining a little brighter long after the sun goes down. Last August, an assembly of dedicated volunteers, including 20 Korean exchange students from Ewha Women’s University, built seven new solar-powered streetlamps and delivered solar lanterns to 71 households. They may have brought light to the streets but it was the villagers who brought light to the volunteers’ hearts.

Cambodian student in school house newly renovated by volunteers.

With the cooperation of Love in Lights, the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC), and Global Peace Foundation Cambodia, more than 50 volunteers spent six unforgettable days setting up the lights, decorating the local school building and playground, working in the village gardens, and exchanging education and activities with more than 100 village children. Volunteers also contributed to setting up a local library and provided study materials for students.

The All-Lights Village project is a long-term community development program that combines solar technology with clean water solutions, education, income generation, and public-private partnerships to improve the overall quality of life in measurable and sustainable ways.

The introduction of solar energy has a significant impact on the quality of life in impoverished communities. Access to a clean, dependable light source in the hours of darkness results in improved security, education, business, and health. The solar lights are part of a comprehensive effort to foster self-reliance on the family level to build thriving and resilient communities.

Volunteers renovate Cambodia school playground.

H.E. Sor Soputra, the vice governor of Kampung Speu Province, was present to welcome the volunteers and dignitaries, which included officers from the Department of Education from the Phnom Sruoch district and Mr. Pich Chantha, Governor of Phnom Sruoch.

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