All-Lights Village Launched in Ukwala, Kenya

Global Peace Foundation
May 18, 2016

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya launched the first All-Lights Village Project in Ukwala, Kenya on May 18, 2016. In partnership with Kenya, GPF- Korea brought community-based volunteer programs such as the Leadership Task Force (LTF) and the Love in Lights to Ukwala, to help distribute over 100 solar lamps and install 10 solar-powered street-lights throughout the town.

With an underlying ethic of Hongik ingan, an ancient philosophy that calls upon Koreans to live for the benefit of humanity, GPF-Korea commits to serve at home and abroad. Since 2009, GPF-Korea raised millions to supply solar powered lanterns, street lights, multi-purpose halls and water pumps all over the globe.

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