All-Lights Offers More than Just Lights

Eric Olsen
September 10, 2013

The initiative seeks to improve the welfare of rural communities. It starts by providing LED, solar-powered lights. These lights have improved literacy, health, environmental sustainability, and economic activity. Beyond providing these life advancing tools, All-Lights Village Project has inspired local leaders and citizens to invest in continued and sustainable development of their communities.

A young girl in the Philippines holds a solar-powered lamp in her hands. All-Lights Village Project was founded to “build villages that embody the vision of ‘One Family under God.'”

From its humble but passionate beginning, the project has expanded and the initial project has grown. Recent projects organized in partnership with All-Lights Village Project provided soap and hygiene education and water filtration systems. Volunteers are bringing their personal expertise and knowledge to the villages.

All-Lights is providing tools by which these rural communities in developing countries can improve their own lives and the surrounding communities and environment. Through emerging partnerships and commitments, All-Lights Villages is rallying local and international communities and leaders to create opportunities for education to break the cycle of poverty, improved health and economic opportunities.

Hand Soap Promotes Hygene

All-Lights Village has been able to provide hand soaps to All-Lights Village in Nueva Ecija through a recent MOU between Global Peace Foundation-Korea and GTA Marketing Inc. The last group of GPF-Korea volunteers taught the village children how to properly wash their hands. Soap is part of good handwashing.

Soap is a luxury that is hard to afford in developing regions, such as Nueva Ecija.

According to the Global Public-Private Partnership for Hand Washing, “hand washing is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent diarrheal and acute respiratory infections, which takes the lives of millions of children in developing countries.”

In the developing world soap is almost taken for granted. However in developing regions, soap is a luxury that is hard to afford. Alllights is providing this simple way to improve the overall health of villager, particularly children.

Eco-Friendly Water Filter

Professor Shin hopes that his water filtration system will help Filipino children grow up healthy.

Alllights is also partnering with Korean universities to provide clean water. According to the World Health Organization, over 3.4 million people die due to waterborne illnesses. In developing countries like the Philippines, fresh water sources are contaminated with trash and other waste.

Professor Shin of Chungnam National University developed an easy-to-assemble water filtration system. His hope is to help Filipino children grow up healthy without the stresses caused by waterborne illnesses. He explained, “The purifier is a simple contraption that holds four bucket of water that passes through a filter of gravel and charcoal supported by a simple frame.”

Chehyui Ho spends all summer cutting children’s hair in Sinipit.

The eco-friendly filter made of sand and charcoal effectively filters most contaminants from the water. Residents can now drink water with peace of mind.
Professor Shin and Alllights was also able to educate the village on the importance of environmental stewardship. Bringing the filters emphasized the importance of caring for the eco-system that sustains the quality of life.

Haircuts and Smiles
Salon owner, Chehyui Ho was among the volunteers from GPF-Korea that visited Sinipit. During her visit she opened up shop for all of the village children. All afternoon she stood in the summer sun cutting the children’s hair. After a day of hard work she happily said, “It was a long day, and hard, but it’s been a while since I’ve felt so fulfilled.”

Exponential change

The projects and initiatives of Alllights are bringing significant and invaluable development to these villages. But, the biggest difference is actually the personal touch. Professor Shin personally joined the trip to set up the water filters for the village children. Chehyui Ho cut gave each village child a personalized haircut.

With every project and exchange, the change exponentially grows. The Alllights initiative is not a simple hand-out, it is creating familial ties. Volunteers are embracing the villages as an extension of their own home. Each relationship and each life that is touched is a testament to the value and power of each individual.

The villages are embodying the vision that across nationality and culture, we are ‘One Family under God.’

Donations for All Lights Villages can be made to Global Peace Foundation HERE.

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