ABC Color and Ultima Hora Announce Upcoming Symposium on Paraguay-Korea Relations

June 16, 2014
Eric Olsen

Paraguay news outlets ABC Color and Ultima Hora announced that a symposium focused on developing relations between Paraguay and South Korea will be hosted
at the Copa America Hall of the Bourbon Hotel at Luque, Greater Asuncion in Paraguay.

The symposium entitled “Towards an Alliance between Paraguay and Korea”, is hosted by the Global Peace Foundation and Paraguayan think-tank IDPPS. Chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon will be attending, along with other significant high-level representatives from business and government institutes of Paraguay and South Korea.

Anticipated representatives from South Korea include the former minister of construction and transportation, the former President of Korea Expressway Corporation, the Vice President of Woori Bank, representatives of the Asia Asset Management, Korea Rail Network International Railway and the President of Il-Sung Construction Company. Representatives from Paraguay will include the Ministry of Industry and Commerce as well as the Central Bank of Paraguay.

The symposium hopes to develop avenues to bolster current and future relations between the two countries. Special sessions will also examine the economic activities that contributed to the rapid development of South Korea into a top ranking economic power.

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