2nd Global Women Future Forum of 2017 Hosted in Korea

Global Peace Foundation
July 3, 2017

Over 80 government, civil society, social, academic, and religious women leaders explored the importance of family in tackling the most prevalent social issues of the modern world at the second Global Women Future Forum of 2017. The forum hosted by Global Peace Women (GPW) Korea convened on May 22 under the theme, “Advancing Women in the 21st Century Global Age.”

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Korea President In Teck Seo emphasized the central value of the home in realizing the Korean Dream. GPF Korea has been a key member in Action for Korea United, a coalition of over 800 civil society organizations who are promoting Korean reunificaiton.

GPW advisor and former congresswoman, the Honorable Yunsook Lee, spoke on the pivotal role of women in a global age, acknowledging the role women play in the home and education as well as the larger world stage in building strong international connections.

Mihwa Kim, president of GPW, introduced the Peace Begins in the Home campaign, which has taken the lead in creating an action-based curriculum for families to engage with the issue of reunification.

Forum participants also had the opportunity to visit the Korean Folk Village, exploring the strengths of the traditional Korean extended family and how it can contribute to the development of Korea and securing peace.

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