2nd Annual Global Peace Foundation Forum Emphasizes Conflict Resolution

Global Peace Foundation
October 8, 2016

Billings Gazette Covers Second Annual Forum in Montana

GPF-USA President Alan Inman

Local leaders representing law enforcement, government, Native American, civic and faith-based organizations, and youth convened at the annual Global Peace Foundation Forum in Billings Montana on October 8, 2016.

The forum entitled “Overcoming Barriers & Conflicts — Building Trust — Discovering Solutions in Our Region,” addressed challenges between resident communities and explored practical solutions with international track records.

Global Peace Foundation USA President, Alan Inman, proposed a version of cross-community engement that GPF has recently implented in Jersey City with partner Co-operation Ireland. The approach offers a three step approach that helps disparate communities connect and work together.

“I dare say to you in this room that such a thing might be able to work right here in this Billings area,” Mr. Inman said. He emphasized the importance of leaders who are willing to step beyond their comfort zone to build new community connections. “When you engage with intentionality from a base of integrity with moral and innovative leadership, you create opportunities for the world to be a better place,” he said.

Read the full story that appeared in the Billings Gazette.



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