2023 U-Gen Summit Promotes Pancasila Values for a Peaceful Indonesia

Naomi MacMurdie
January 31, 2023

Traditional dancers from SMA 3 Jakarta perform at the 2023 U-Gen Summit in Indonesia

Indonesia is a home of diversity. Many different religions and traditions are able to live in what has long been considered a model of “Unity in Diversity.” Pancasila, the founding philosophy of the Indonesian state, has played an important role in unifying the diverse population under common spiritual principles that go beyond any one religion. Many are now calling it the “Indonesian Dream.”

Under this united vision, hundreds of university students came together on January 17, 2023, for the annual U-Gen Summit. The name originates from the term “united generation,” outlining the aspiration of youth-led peacebuilding for the country. The event was hosted under the theme, “Reflecting on Pancasila Values in Modern Era to Actualize the Golden Age of Indonesia in 2045.” This collaborative program was made possible by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia and Citra Institute. The event provided awareness of the importance of youth participation and engagement through global networks for Indonesia’s peace and development.

GPF Indonesia Chairperson Dr. Fennieka Kristianto (left) and Citra Institute Co-Founder Dr. Heriyono Tardjono (right)

Dr. Fennieka Kristianto, the chairperson of GPF Indonesia, opened the summit. She invited students to apply the values outlined in Pancasila to start making a difference. “Young people, as the next generation, must be able to internalize Pancasila values in their daily lives,” said Dr. Kristianto. “Even in the future, it can be applied not only in Indonesia but also in the world. Through Pancasila, we can strengthen Indonesia in 2045.”

Organizers hope that the U-Gen Summit will become a catalyst for Indonesian youth to cultivate their global network for peace and development. “The U-Gen Summit is expected to unite Indonesian youth with moral values and innovation as agents of peace in society to promote tolerance values in accordance with Pancasila values and the vision of One Family Under God,” explained Citra Institute Co-Founder Dr. Heriyono Tardjono.

Showcasing the global implications of the peacebuilding model, GPF Asia Pacific representative Ingil Ra was present at the summit to discuss the application to the challenges on the Korean peninsula. According to him, the Pancasila philosophy opens an avenue to discuss peaceful unification of the divided peninsula.

Other speakers at the summit included Dr. Prosper Maguchu (Vrije University Amsterdam), Dr. Fokky Fuad Wasitaatmadja (Al-Azhar University of Indonesia), and Inayah Wahid (Gusdurian Network). Konstantin Kroshkin, a young man from Russia, was also present as the moderator.

The 2023 U-Gen Summit welcomed students from seven partner campuses: President University, Al-Azhar Indonesia University, Taman Siswa University Palembang, Muhammadiyah Tangerang University, Insan Cita Indonesia University (UICI), Sutomo University, Serang, and Jember University.

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