2017 Global Peace Youth Exchange Nepal

Global Peace Foundation
April 29, 2017

Over 150 young people representing ten countries engaged in the 2017 Global Peace Youth Exchange in Nepal from April 19-28. Delegates participated in leadership development workshops, an service project with locals affected by the devastating earthquake in 2015, and a four-day outdoor adventure challenge cultivating self-reflection and teambuilding, essential components of moral and innovative leadership.

A special Global Peace Leadership workshop and forum was held on April 20 by the Asia Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance (APPDSA) and the Global Peace Foundation Nepal. Through hands on activities, the interactive workshops tapped into quintessential frameworks for global leadership and tapped into participants’ individual strengths, sense of purpose and empathy.

Global Peace Youth Exchange programs seek to develop leadership competencies such as social skills and confidence, a multi-national networks and provide a platform for international young leaders to explore innovative methods to approach the UN-established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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