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Safe Haven Campaign, Interfaith Alliance to Abolish Human Trafficking: News

University of Maryland's Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity was the first Greek organization in the United States to become a certified Safe Haven, an organization trained in human trafficking awareness and response.
Published on 13/04/2016
According to ChicoER News, Chico State University fraternity--Alpha Sigma Phi--became the first Greek organization on the West Coast to join anti-human trafficking efforts through becoming a Safe Haven on December 5, 2015.
Published on 08/12/2015
By Gail Hambleton, National Director of the Safe Haven Campaign
Published on 22/05/2015
The University of Maryland chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi gained official recognition as a ‘Safe Haven’ at a ceremony on February 8, 2015, becoming the nation’s first fraternity trained to combat human trafficking through an “awareness is prevention” approach.
Published on 04/05/2015
Holding up a Study Series workbook at a Lutheran Synodical Convention on April 11, 2015, Rev. Dr. Charles H.
Published on 20/04/2015
The Towson University Student Government Association (SGA) has gained official recognition as a “Safe Haven,” part of a national grassroots movement to expose human trafficking in local communities.
Published on 25/03/2015
Help empower communities of faith combat Human Trafficking. The Safe Haven Study Series is a powerful tool for educating communities to protect children and end trafficking. Donate to day. Make a real difference to end Human Trafficking.
Published on 13/03/2015