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Regional Peacebuilding: News

The One Dream One Korea Music video featuring famous K-pop artists was released on September 18, 2015. 
Published on 20/09/2015
The official One Dream One Korea music video hit youtube on September 18.Representative K-pop vocalists have come together to create a new Unification Song "One Dream One Korea"
Published on 18/09/2015
The New Era Unification Campaign's song "One Dream One Korea" where Yongpyo Hong, Minister of Unification, Musong Kim, Representative of Saenuri Party and Jaein Moon, from The New Politics Alliance for Democra
Published on 18/09/2015
Audience at youth summit in zanzibar for 2015.
by Sia Marupa, Staff at African Green Movement and Climate Leader at Climate Reality
Published on 09/09/2015
Multicultural Festival Japan children
Over the last half century, Japan has become an economic and technological mega center in Asia, transforming from a once homogeneous nation to a one that diverse cultures and ethnicities call home.This transition has not been without its challenges.
Published on 17/08/2015
mongolia northeast asian peace and development conference, global peace foundation
Some 250 participants from over 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region representing governments, academia, and the private sector convened in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on June 26, 2015 at a forum that aimed to strengthen the contributions of youth in peacebuilding, development and the environment an
Published on 30/06/2015
Japanese and Korean students at Korean Independence Museum.
It was my first year in Korea as a Japanese-American exchange student.  I had studied Japan’s annexation and occupation of Korea from 1910-1945 before, but I had never really felt an intense sense of ownership over Japanese history.
Published on 10/06/2015
“Russia is strongly interested in better relations between North and South Korea,” Korea and Far East expert Dr.
Published on 15/05/2015
Addressing a range of issues relating to peace and security on the Korean peninsula at a forum on April 21, U.S.
Published on 22/04/2015