transforming education in the global south: Toward 2050

Facing the outdated 300 year old conventional educational system, the Global South, with the majority of the largest youth population in history of 1.2 billion students, is determining that they are an asset vs. a liability.

This necessitates transitioning to the true purpose and future of education: the character and holistic development of educators and students.

The Global South’s rich faith and wisdom traditions, strong extended family and community ties are key in shaping a global, values-centered future. The time to act is now – beginning with the transformation of educators. Educational stakeholders are already on the journey in creating model regions within nations, great educational institutions with transformative cultures as pathways for national transformation and a civilization of peace.

Concept Paper

A framework for transforming education in the Global South challenges the conventional model by emphasizing the importance of nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute to society and the 21st Century Workforce through character, relationships, and practical application of knowledge.

Launch Story

The strategy behind the 2050 vision is discussed, including the progress made and the journey ahead for each pillar, including transforming educators and students, creating regional models in nations, creating great schools and universities, and building awareness for the global campaign.

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Transforming Education in the Global South: Towards 2050 calls educators, policymakers, families, cross-sector stakeholders, and communities to join the Global Campaign. You are invited to become a launch partner and contribute to educators’ and students’ character and holistic development by developing regional models, enhancing school cultures, and spreading awareness about this critical mission. To sign up, please click the link below!
Comparison of conventional and transforming education models, highlighting the transition from knowledge acquisition to the development of character with sustainable relevance in the context of transforming education.

Are You Ready to Ignite a New Era for Education?

The need for transformative education is now. 

A compelling vision that addresses:

  • Reexamining the Purpose and Future of Education
  • The Importance of Vision, Principles, and Values
  • How Transformation of Educators Creates Better Structures and Systems
  • Character and Holistic Development of Educators and Students
  • The Roles of Families and Educators as Primary Partners
  • Moral And Innovative Leadership in Creating Great Regions and Education Institutions
  • Community and 21st Century Workforce
  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity
  • Digital Technologies and AI Guided by Core Values


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