transforming education in the global south: Toward 2050

The Global South is at a crossroads, facing a pressing educational crisis. 

The path to transformative education by 2050 is challenging but crucial. It calls for a concerted effort to realign education with its original purpose of holistic development, preparing individuals for jobs and with character for peacebuilding and meaningful contributions in a global values-centered community. The Global South, with its rich values, traditions, and strong interconnection of family and schools, stands as a significant player in igniting this transformation. The urgency to act is apparent to transform educators and students, focusing on the holistic transformation of people rather than exclusively on structures and systems.

 Transition to the True Purpose and the Future of Education

Knowledge acquisition skills relationships character.

Conventional Education Framework

A model that is becoming less and less relevant

A pyramid with the words knowledge, application skills, energy, vitality, relationships, character.

Transforming Education Framework

Supporting the holistic development of educators and students

Are You Ready to Ignite a New Era for Education?

The need for transformative education is now. 

Our vision will address:

  • Upstream Change of the Source vs. Downstream Treatment of Symptoms
  • Reexamining the Purpose of Education
  • How Transformation of People Creates Better Structures and Systems
  • The Importance of Vision, Principles, and Values to Driving Transformation
  • Centrality of Character and Conscience
  • The Roles of Families and Educators as Peacebuilders and Moral And Innovative Leaders in Transformative Education
  • Workforce and Generational Needs of 2050

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