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One Family Under God Campaign: News

In the last four years of the One Family under God Campaign, Country Director for Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, Mr.
Published on 19/04/2017
Goska leaders
Four communities in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria, reaffirmed their commitment to grassroots interfaith efforts to end violence and rebuild trust between the groups in separate meetings hosted by Global Peace Foundation (GPF).
Published on 12/04/2017
Ongoing mediation efforts to end outbreaks of violence across Nigeria caused by religious tension are continuing in Kaduna state through the One Family under God Campaign.
Published on 11/04/2017
GPF Nigeria Director John Oko speaks at OFUG campaign gathering
One Family under God Campaign Gains Traction as Peace Building Effort to Address Religious Crisis
Published on 23/01/2017
Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, GPFN in an attempt to get a lasting solution to the lingering crisis in the Southern part of Kaduna State, meets with indigenous Fulani Ardos, Youth and members of the Academia of Fulani extraction, in the area.
Published on 20/01/2017
Fulani leaders in Southern Kaduna have expressed their commitment to the restoration of peace and calm in the crises-torn area.
Published on 19/01/2017
Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is promoting peace among the communities in Kaduna State, Nigeria. It has hosted sensitization programs for over 100 people, emphasizing the importance of social cohesion in the State. 
Published on 16/10/2016
A three day Train the Trainers Workshop was held for six communities in the Kaduna state as part of the "One Family Under God" campaign on October 12th.
Published on 12/10/2016
Global Peace Foundation Nigeria held a Train the Trainers capacity-building workshop as part of the "One Family Under God
Published on 12/10/2016